We manage property in an effective, hands-on and efficient manner. We’re flexible and creative, while understanding that discipline in the carrying out of its operations and the enforcement of tenant obligations  are fundamental to the success.

Take Shape Property Management has currently achieved a level of less than 2% vacancy on residential units, together with bad debt ratio of below 0.2%. Our lease agreement is in accordance to the Consumer Protection Act and it covers  the rules and the rights for the lessee/lessor.


We provide our account, services using the essential time saving tool MDA:


– The system organises your finances, all in one place, so you can access information on demand.

– Easily create statements,track accounts and expenses, balance sheets, general ledgers and rent roll/levy roll.

– Create budgets and forecast cash flow processes

– Create professional  quotes, invoices, statements.


  • Levy/rental statements to owners, including utilities billing
  • Payment of accounts
  • Monthly levy/rental collection
  • Preparation of monthly management reports for our clients
  • Preparation, organisation and attendance of trustees/general meetings including minutes
  • Insurance claims in respect to all of the property of our clients
  • Comply with any notices/instructions from our clients
  • Arrange for maintenance/repairs of machinery or fittings of the common property
  • Make available any documentation legally required by our clients
  • Ensure compliance of any articles, conduct or house rules
  • Keep/store any financial and administrative documents of our clients
  • Preparation of annual budget
  • Preparation of financial documents for auditors
  • Preparation, organisation and attendance of the AGM’s including:
    • Venue Selection
    • Notices
    • Statutory documentation packs
    • Minutes


  • Access control into building
  • Procedures for the control of visitors, to avoid overcrowding and control security
  • Weekly building inspections
  • Weekly management reports on debtor status
  • Maintenance procedures and levels of expenditure authority
  • Daily review of bank balances, in-depth credit approval procedures including TPN, ITC, bank statement review, independent employment and earnings confirmation and affordability models.
  • Adequate tenant deposits to mitigate risk.
  • Clear and disciplined debt collection procedures
  • Monthly management accounts showing performance against budget by building

We manage the letting on behalf of our owners and we ensure that the necessary procedure is followed in ensuring that we obtain good paying tenants for our clients and we strive to ensure that we do not have vacancies at our properties.

Environmental Control, Energy and Scarce Resources Management

  • Gardening is maintained at he property
  • We ensure that each and  every property is equipped with standard refuse bins.
  • We ensure that we administer the use of Eco- friendly services and products at the property
  • In house cleaning and hygiene services to all our clients

Security Operations and Public Safety  

  • Qualified in-house security staff whom  ensure the personal safety of all residents, employees, and public.

Take Shape Property Management has experienced building managers, delivering the following optional services:

  • Meter Readings
  • Supervision in respect to improvements, additions or alterations of the Common Property
  • Supply of materials to employees in order to perform routine maintenance and cleaning work pertaining to the common Property

The Portfolio Managers are responsible for the following optional services:

  • Training, remuneration and discipline of any persons employed by the complex
  • The partial or complete estate management of the complex



The company is registered with TPN ( Tenant Profile Network).
This System provides access to multiple credit bureau databases from a single login, enabling the user to differentiate between low and high risk tenants.

TPN Philosophy:

TPN creates an environment where tenants are more accountable for their actions and for factually updating the tenant’s behaviour and payment profile.
We place emphasis on high quality development and maintenance, resulting in stronger management.